Sardo is one of the few Italian restaurants in the UK specialising in Sardinian cuisine. Sardo uses only the freshest and finest quality ingredients to create unique dishes distinctive from the regular Italian cuisine.

Situated in London’s trendy Fitzrovia, Sardo is a comfortable and cosy retreat from the hustle and bustle of inner city life. Enjoy our luxurious dining rooms or choose outdoor patio dining serenaded by beautiful music from our outdoor audio system.

“Fashions in the restaurant world come and go, but Sardo’s popularity remains undiminished”Time Out Magazine

Sardo opened in 1998 and remains one of the few restaurants in the UK specialising in Sardinian cuisine. The discreet hospitality, knowledgeable service and passion for the sophisticated yet simple cuisine enjoyed by its guests is both a welcome antidote to London’s many faceless restaurant chains and ample reason for this restaurant’s enduring popularity.

The simple preparation of the freshest ingredients is the hallmark of Sardinian cuisine. Sardo’s own execution of this method has been described by one critic as ‘operatic in its brilliance’. Whilst the menu at Sardo constantly evolves to offer a fresh take on traditional Sardinian dishes, certain uniquely Sardinian staples are ever present: fregola, malloredus, spaghetti alla bottarga and linguine al granchio.

The wine list is comprehensive. Sardinia produces wines of distinguished personality from varieties that are, for the most, unique in Italy, brought by Phoenicians, Romans and, above all, Spaniards. Traditional Sardinian wines are strong in character: the port-like Cannonau, Monica di Cagliari combine power with unexpected elegance. Among the whites, the protagonist is Vermentino.

Head Chef, Roberto Sardu, known to his friends as Bobo, arrived in London from Sardinia in 1998 and joined the team at Sardo in 2000. Educated at the Insituto Industria e Artigianato in Alberghiero, Bobo’s knowledge of Sardinian cuisine is second to none

However a visit to Sardo is not about knowing all this in advance but receiving a gentle and distinctly enjoyable education in all things Sardinian. Romolo is on hand to share his knowledge and – if you’re lucky – a nip of the finest Sardinian grappa.